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Before + After

A look behind the curtain

Get inspiration and ideas for your next renovation from our Before + After gallery. Making your home beautiful is a great way to invite a daily influx of joy and wellbeing into your life. Nothing lifts your spirit like starting your day in a room you love.

Design in details

In design we bring characteristics of the natural world into built spaces, such as greenery, natural light or elements like wood and stone. Encouraging the use of natural systems and processes in design allows for exposure to nature and in turn these design approaches improve health and wellbeing. 
In this living room makeover we used high end wooden parquet flooring, additional windows drawing in more natural light, a feature wall, built in shelves and fresh paint to give this room a completely transformed fresh and inviting look.

Opening up spaces

Our environments directly reflect on our minds. Cramped dark rooms can influence our stress levels and creativity.
Knocking down a wall to create an open plan kitchen not only made this room seem bigger, but also brought in a lot of natural light. Incredible results can be achieved by opening up spaces and creating airy multi-sensory living experiences. We can design our interiors to inspire us, promote productivity and leave our minds with more room to breathe. Beyond these benefits, functionality was the main focus in this kitchen redesign. 

Functionality comes first

Functionality is an integral part of every design process, especially when it comes to working with narrow spaces. In the redesign of this bathroom the pitch of the roof proofed difficult for a previously installed bathtub. A custom fitted walk in shower brought in the much needed functional comfort and visually added space to the room through the use of glass screens and minimalistic yet impactful industrial design choices.  

Making the most of your space

The most satisfying refurbishments sometimes involve getting your hands dirty, but the outcome is well worth it. The unused neglected back area of this property was revived by creating a patio with views and entrance to a beautiful private garden. Exteriors are often overlooked, but they are so important connecting us to our surroundings. Is there any usable space hiding on your property?

Make a great first impression

Hallways can often be overlooked in the design process in favour of rooms we use most often. But remember they are the first area you see when entering a home. From choosing the colour on your walls to the materials of your floor, it’s important to create a warm welcome for you and your guests. 

Creating a cosy haven

In this interior design project, our aim was to transform a plain and uninspiring space into a warm and inviting haven where residents and guests can unwind and relax. The design concept centers around creating a cozy cottage atmosphere through a harmonious blend of textures, colours, and functional elements. By incorporating elements of comfort, natural elements and personalised touches the living and dining room are shining in a new light, making them a welcoming space of tranquility.

Modern serenity in a small space

This bathroom makeover transformed a dated and cramped bathroom into a modern and serene space that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The design focuses on creating a calming atmosphere while incorporating contemporary elements that elevate the overall experience. By utilising a combination of sleek finishes, thoughtful lighting, and strategic space planning, the redesigned bathroom offers a rejuvenating oasis for relaxation and personal care.

Modern elegance

This kitchen makeover aims to transform a dated and narrow space into a modern culinary island for the working couple to come together. We wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere that combines contemporary design elements with practicality, optimising both aesthetics and functionality. The objective was to transform the existing small kitchen by removing a wall to create an open and seamless flow between two areas and enhance the spatial experience by incorporating the concept of open space design.